About the Couple and the Wedding Party

"We humbly commit our lives, in marriage, to the will of our Lord, trusting in His faithfulness, love, and grace"

Robin C (Heidt) & Troy A Soares


Robin & Troy at Rancho San Antonio in Mountain View, CA


HOW THEY MET: We were introduced over email Aug 28th by Terry Davis, Wildflower Triathlon race director, who had started a Christian group called Trinity Triathletes. We met Sept 23rd and started doing things together. We officially started dating Oct 19th. On Nov 4th I had an experience at church that made something very clear to me. That night I told Robin I loved her.


Our engagement was announced on March 3, 2002.  Check out the Save the Date page.

HOW THEY GOT ENGAGED: Robin & I  had never talked about marriage, but we had always made it clear how much in love we were and that we knew it was in God's hands. Mar 3rd, during a training run, I proposed under a big oak tree where, 5 mo. earlier, we had enjoyed a picnic together. The engagement ring was held by a stuffed animal - a monkey she gave me for my birthday. Two special friends, hidden in the thickets, triggered the release of the monkey high in the tree. Robin looked up to see the monkey with the ring slide down to her on a hidden line. She said 'yes'! We continued on our run, laughing and sharing stories of things past and new things to come..

Our wedding date was set for August 10, 2002. It took place at Union Presbyterian Church in Los Altos, CA. The reception was held at San Jose Country Club in San Jose, CA.


The Bride's Attendants

Astrid Leonie Wynhoven –  Maid of HonoR

Friend from UC Davis


Ever since I meet you it’s been a non-stop party:  indulgences in chocolate and coffee, dancing the night away, singing spontaneous “Leonie originals”, playing the song “La, la, la, la” over and over again, and competing in runs, triathlons and open water swims.  Thanks for always lifting me up with your positive attitude and for just being there no matter what.


Kristin Funston – Matron of Honor

Friend from UC Davis


It all started at 1419 Colgate Dr….We’ve had many adventures together as roomies, relay buddies, and kitty lovers.  You always put up with a lot of my silly idiosyncrasies and were always willing to listen to my stories.  Thanks for encouraging me and supporting me even when you and Leonie were “prettier than me”. 



Cat Bailey

Friend from Calvary Chapel San Mateo


My running buddy…I’ve enjoyed our long runs and talks.  I always have admired your attitude.  You can always see the positive side of things and you always keep your focus on God.  Thanks for inspiring me to seek the Lord in all things.  You’ve been such an integral part of my life…you’re awesome!   



Angela Box

Friend from Calvary Chapel San Mateo


My adventure-seeking friend.  I’ve had a blast going on road trips, going to late night movies, having slumber parties, and making soap.  It’s been great swapping teaching stories and being in bible studies.  Thanks for encouraging me in my walk with Jesus.  You’ve been such a great role model and a loving friend.  I look forward to many more fun times.



Teresa Clark

Friend & Roomie at the Love shack


My cool roomie!  I’ve had such a blast living with you.  How awesome it is to have a fellow Aggie runner to share the PV cottage and trails.  I’m going to miss our chats, sharing treats, watching your garden grow, and just hanging out.  It was a blessing to have you supporting Troy and I throughout our relationship and our crazy exploits.  Thanks for being such a great friend.



Special Involvement

Matt Heidt (dinner prayer) &

Kristin Heidt (scripture reading - Gen 2:24)

Brother and Sister-in-law


My big Bro…thanks for sparing my life growing up(he,he).  I know there were many times I bugged you and got you in trouble but you still loved me and accepted me for who I was.  My sister-in-law, Kristin, thanks for always dropping everything to listen to me and offer your support.  You helped me grow in life and in my teaching career.   I want to thank you both for leading me to Christ and for mentoring me as a new Christian.  I love you both very much!



The Groom's Attendants

John Frey – Best Man, Bobby Frey – Ring Bearer

Friend from high school & his son


Tigger, thanks for showing me so many ways to have fun!  All night Risk games, dirt biking, road trips, & sharing High School mishaps in dating.  The way you instill Christ in your family will be an example to us in our marriage.  Bobby, you supported me at Hawaii Ironman & always treated me like an uncle & a hero.  We will do a triathlon together one of these days!


Dale Jackson

Friend from mvm & roommate


You’re the best roommate I’ve ever had!  Future wife, Tana, will appreciate that.  5 years we’ve supported each other, persevering through Ironmans & running injuries.  I’ll always cherish coming home to a clever sign on my door congratulating me after an Ironman.




Dick Kirkpatrick

Friend & running mate at Kaiser Electronics


Running with you at lunch has been a reason I’ve worked at Kaiser 10 years! You helped me run my best & qualify for the 100th Boston Marathon and I helped you through the century bike ride.  You’re the coolest person to run with!  Except when I’m dying & you do James Brown, “I Feel Good!” You’re a great friend. “Running blood is thicker than creek water”



David Ridder

Friend from STARS tri team


You were an answer to prayer.  I asked God for a Christian triathlete man to train with.  Next thing I know, Michelle (now your wife), introduces me to a guy from Kansas wanting to do triathlons.  I gave you training advice, you gave me your friendship & great insight for God’s will… and then beat me in Ironman Florida!  Beginner’s luck!



Eric Roos

Friend from high school


MOSES! (Master of Surprise Every Second).  You make me laugh till milk comes out of my nose.  Your imagination is awesome: Capture the Flag in full camouflage; Van Halen gorilla air guitar; and crazy poses in Greek ruins during our Europe trip.  Waiting for your perfect mate, Stephanie, you exemplified your trust in Jesus & I appreciate the influence it had on me.



Special Involvement


Erik Zenor (pastor) &

 Tracy Zenor (scripture reading - col 3:12-19)

Brother-in-law & sister


Thanks for the fun nephew & adorable niece!  Tracy, how is it my little sister has shown me the ropes of marriage & kid raising?  And always with that steady beautiful smile!  Eric, “Shock Factor”, you are a refreshing jolt of vigor.  I like that with you, everything is possible!  I said you couldn’t swim to a distant island. You ripped your shirt off & proved me wrong.  Thanks for your Bible knowledge, warm embrace of our family, and for marrying me to Robin!