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Latest Updates:

3/29/06 Biked with Mommy

3/11/06 Long bike ride with Mommy & Daddy

2/26/06 First day in the nursery at church

2/20/06 First solid food ...banana

2/5/06 First race...Daddy pushed me

1/23/06 Waved to her Uncle Matt

12/26/05 First ride in the Burley (trailer that attaches to Daddy's bike)

12/24-25/05 Christmas at Nana Sues and later at Pappy Soares

12/2/05 Got my first Christmas tree

11/21/05 Took my first plane ride...went to SoCal

11/7/05 Intentionally grabbed a dangling toy

10/31/05 First costume: strawberry (compliments of Tarkington Family); First trip to Pumpkin Patch

10/30/05 My first time watching Mommy race; 2nd visit to Great Grandma Betty & Great Grandpa Forest

10/29/05 Hanging out and staying over at Leonie's new house; Making "oh" noises

10/28/05 3rd Grass Valley Trip; Visited Zenor clan & Pappy; Stayed over at the Frey house

10/22/05 First Babysitter Denise Narog...Thanks Denise; Mommy & Daddy took CPR class

10/19/05 1st Train Ride: Went to Grass Valley

10/5/05 Anna's first giggle

10/2/05 Met Daddy's Relay team at Deana's house in Fremont

9/29/05 Met my Auntie Tracy, Cousin Daniel, Cousin Mariah & Cousin Jessica

9/20/05 Anna made a new friend today, Elisabeth Funston, and got to meet Kristin & Leonie!

9/18/05 Anna enjoyed being held by many little hands at the church baby shower put on by the youth group.

9/10/05 Anna visits lots of family! Cousins Sheral, Kristen, & Mikey, great-grandma & grandpa Betty & Forest, grandma & grandpa Sue & Ray, grandpa Al, and Joan & Fritz

9/5/05 Anna and Mommy go running with Kyan and Helen Barker for 4 miles in Rancho San Antonio

9/2/05 Anna is watching (tracking) the animals of her mobile as they go around.

9/1/05 Anna smiles to our neighbors (a real smile) while lying on the front lawn on a beautiful summer day :)

8/26/05 Anna goes on her first road trip to SoCal(=

8/22/05 Anna does a 8:30mile (ok, daddy was pushing her in the stroller)

8/22/05 Finally got the web site up!

8/10/05 To celebrate our anniversary, we all went to the beach.  See the photos.

7/29/05 Anna is Born

Anna Rose Soares

Born 7/29/05

7 lbs 8oz

At Lucille Packard's Children's Hospital, Palo Alto

About My Name:

Anna Rose was given two Portuguese names because her grandpa is full Portuguese (which may also account for the very dark hair).

Anna means "Grace of God" and reminds us how generous the Lord is to bless us despite our shortcomings.

Rose was for Anna's great grandmother that passed away in 1998 and rests in peace a few miles from Anna's home.

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." - Psalm 37:4