Vows 08/02/2012

Robin's Vows

Troy you are the love of my life, my best buddy and most importantly a wonderful gift from God.  Through Godís mercy and grace he has blessed me with a loving godly man.  Troy, as your wife, I promise to always turn to God first to seek His will in our marriage.  Second, I promise to surrender my own selfish desires in order to lift you up.  I promise to love you, to be patient, to be kind, to respect you and to put my trust in you.  In times of conflict, as the Lordís words says, I will not let the sun go down on my anger.  Because of this, I will always strive to go to God first to resolve any situation and be quick to forgive and forget.  I love you Troy for who you are and for being a powerful role model in my walk with God.  I look forward to many years of being silly together, serving each other, praying and worshiping the Lord together.  Olive Juice.


Troy's Vows

Robin, you've been the Joy of my life.  Although finding happiness many times, I feel bringing someone real joy must take the perfect ingredients.  I never knew what brought me perfect joy, other than Christ, Himself, until I felt it when I was around you.

Iím so thankful for the joy youíve brought me, and that youíll bring  me in our future.

So I promise, as my main directive in our marriage, to bring you joy; great joy, and love, like Christ has brought to the church.  For it says in the Bible to love your wife as Christ loved the church.

I promise to lift you up to God so that you become a woman of radiance and joy.

To achieve this, I know I need the right ingredients.  To find these I must be totally connected to your life.  So I promise to listen closely, to help when needed, and to learn your goals and support you achieving them.    And as I continue to learn the secret to your happiness, I promise to use that to lift you up, to encourage your growth, to cheer your walk on with God, to submit to you in my love, and, ultimately and always, as if you were my own body, to bring you joy, more abundantly every year of our lives.

And I promise to seek God in this fulfillment, and when I fall short, to seek your forgiveness.